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A Truckload of Patent Preparation Tools

Accelerates patent drafting productivity

  • Productivity Accelerator Tool For Professional Patent Attorneys, Agents, and Inventors
  • Facilitates Uniform and Robust Patent Drafting Methodology
  • Automates Routine Patent Drafting Tasks like Numbering and Formatting
  • Scans and Reports Common Patent Drafting Mistakes

Patent Architect integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word to help the patent attorney work faster, smarter, and more methodically, to achieve better quality results. The Patent Architect toolbar in Microsoft Word puts productivity enhancing tools a single click away.

Patent Formatting

Provides alternative formatting options. Conforms to USPTO standards. Compares elements in claims to elements in description, and vice versa.

Triggers Application Section Drafting

Provides methodology for drafting claims. Systematically builds patent application sections by using key words in the claims.

Builds Element List, Numbers Elements & Synonyms in Order of Recitation

Maintain a list of elements and their associated numerals or symbols. Accurately re-numbers elements in order of recitation in the application.

Verifies Antecedents in the Claims

Check for prior recitation of elements in claim hierarchal relationship when preceded by the key word 'said'.

Re-orders Claims and Diagrams a Claim Tree

Manipulates the claim tree by inserting, removing, or moving claims. Dependency of independent and dependent claims is maintained during re-order. Allows addition of descriptive words to claim tree.

Title & Docket Setup

Configures patent data including docket file number, owner ID, title, and section headings.

Patent Architect Works with You and for You

Patent Architect combines with Microsoft Word to efficiently create patent applications. Patent Architect channels creativity into consistent and organized patent sections and claims.

Patent Architect was Created by a Uniquely Qualified Patent Attorney for Patent Attorneys, Agents, and Inventors

Patent Architect focuses 40 years of patent prosecution experience by an attorney who has trained 100 patent attorneys while litigating patents and managing patent portfolios. Patent Architect produces patents meeting the needs of inventors, attorneys, the USPTO, and the Courts.

Patent Architect Saves You Time and Earns You Money in Patent Application Preparation

Attorneys testing the software estimate that Patent Architect saves from one to five hours of preparation time, depending upon skill level. It will save at least three times its cost per patent application. It will also save prosecution expense by avoiding USPTO rejections.

Great for Teaching and Mentoring

Patent Architect provides a framework and foundation for training.

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