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Builds Element List, Numbers Elements in Order of Recitation

Maintains an element list and automatically numbers elements in the patent application.

  • Maintain a list of Elements

  • Marks elements with the click of a mouse

  • Automatically re-assigns reference numerals to elements in order of occurrence in the description

  • Allows for letters or Greek symbols to be used as reference symbols

    • Handles complex numbering scenarios
    • Distinguishes between elements that share common words
    • Automatically determines when multiple elements are combined in a plural form
    • Automatically protects things like part numbers and measurements
    • Controls numbering using manual override of automatic numbering features
    • Recognizes both plural and singluar versions of elements
    • Synomyms may be added to an existing symbol

  • Prompts warnings when elements are in the claims but not in the description and vice versa

  • Automatically adds an Element List to your patent

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