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Support Contact
System Recommendations
Known Issues

Support Contact

Technical Support questions, may be emailed to

Include Your License Id and Customer Name if available.

System Recommendations

Recommended Minimum
Computer/Processor 1 Ghz or Above
Memory 512 MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP, SP2
Microsoft Office Word 2003

Patent Architect works on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. However, it only works with 32 bit versions of Microsoft Word.

Vista Install Notes

  1. During the install, you may see an error "Unable to register the Type Library". This is rare, but occurs on occasion. If it happens, click on the "Ignore" button to continue the install. The program will still work.

  2. Depending on the Vista settings, a user may or may not have permission to write to the license file. After the install, you may receive a licensing error "CANNOT OPEN FILE". If this happens, you can fix it by granting read/write permissions for the user in the "c:\program files\patent architect" folder.

Office 2002 Install Note

  1. If you use Office 2002 (or Office XP) please e-mail support to request a compatible version of the program.


  1. Verify that Microsoft Word is correctly installed.

  2. Download Patent Architect’s setup.exe file.

  3. Run Patent Architect’s setup.exe from a user account with Administrative rights.

  4. Open Microsoft Word and locate the Patent Architect Tool Bar to verify Installation.

    1. Open the Toolbar

    2. Click On Application Setup

    3. Application -> Setup Menu to verify license status

Patent Architect Installs by Default to c:\program files\Patent Architect.
A Microsoft Word Template named should be coped to the Microsoft Word Startup Folder. If the copy fails, then the template file is located in the default installation director and will need to be manually installed.


By Default, Patent Architect installs with a free 10 day trial license already activated.

To activate a purchased subscription instantly:

  1. Connect to the Internet.

  2. Open the licensing window.

  3. Click on the button labeled “Activate a Purchased Subscription Instantly.”

  4. Enter the License Name and License Code exactly as shown in the licesning e-mail (or invoice).

To activate a subscription manually:

  1. Open the licensing window.

  2. Request an Unlock Code

    1. Click on the button labeled “Manually Unlock By E-mail or Phone” to open the Manual License Activation Window.

    2. Click on the copy button in the top right corner to copy the Computer Key’s for your computer to the clipboard.

    3. Open a new e-mail and paste the user codes into the e-mail.

    4. Set the subject of the e-mail to ‘Unlock’

    5. At a minimum, your e-mail should include:

      1. your license id

      2. your company name and contact information

      3. Computer Key 1 from the Manual License Activation

      4. Computer Key 2 from the Manual License Activation

    6. If you experienced difficulty automatically activating your license, then you may include the entire license data in the e-mail by clicking on button labeled ‘View License’ from the main license window. Paste the license data into your e-mail.

    7. Send the e-mail to Set the title of the new e-mail to

  3. Enter Unlock Codes

    1. You will be contacted by Patent Architect LLC with unlock codes.

    2. Enter the unlock codes and your license id in the manual license activation window to manually activate your subscription.

A license code may only be used once to unlock a computer.
Licensing requires the clock to be set to the correct date and time.
Licensing requires the computer to be on the internet.
There is a 60 day grace period to activate a subscription. If activated within the 60 day grace period, a subscription begins from the date of activation.
If a subscription is already active on the computer, then the new subscription begins when the prior subscription expires.
If license tampering is detected, then connect the computer to the internet to try to automatically resolve the issue.


Known Issues

Licensing Gives File Permission Error: This is a common problem in Vista. To fix the problem, give the user full write permissions to the 'C:\Program Files\Patent Architect' folder and write permissions to all files in the folder. Instructions for this procedure are located in VistaLicenseError.pdf. If the problem persists, contact support.

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